Reporting Hub

Streamline and automate your reporting process with Navigator, our digital control and governance platform. 

With a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and precision, Navigator’s Reporting Hub not only empowers businesses to meet regulatory standards but also promotes operational efficiency, improves transparency, and enhances resilience in navigating a complex and dynamic compliance landscape. 

Visualise, Understand, Act.

Leverage the power of data and transform it into actionable insights at the touch of a button. 

Every task performed on Navigator has a digital footprint, and each data point can be used for your firm’s reporting to provide a panoramic view of your business. Whether you are looking to optimise operations, evidence control, enhance strategic planning or simply stay ahead of the curve, you can trust Navigator as your go-to resource for insightful reporting.  Reporting Hub is flexible such that our clients can design reports to suit their specific requirements. Reports deliver meaningful updates at a click, ensuring you are equipped with the latest insights to make agile and more informed decisions. 


Explore how our reporting solution can benefit your business.

Reporting Hub

Customisable templates

Navigator’s reporting hub puts you in control of the metrics that matter most to your success with flexibility to customise reports to suit your specific business requirements. Our team of experts provide the support you need to tailor reporting.

Automation and efficiency

Generate reports from a secure central hub to quickly and easily monitor KPI’s, analyse MIS, and report on critical control and governance metrics. Whether you are a seasoned executive, or a newcomer to the job, our reporting solution works to make complex information quickly accessible to all.

Executive ready reporting

Introduce management, board, committee, and client-ready reporting templates to eliminate manual efforts.

Intelligent insights

Run configurable reports that deliver transparency across all business activities. Understand the story behind the data, grasp trends at a glance, and take decisive actions with confidence.

Easy to use

A clear interface combined with minimal clicks means Navigator’s Reporting Hub is simple to use. You can effortlessly access the information you need when you need it. 

Demonstrate compliance

Protect your firm through digital evidence. Know exactly where you are, safe in the knowledge that everything in the reports can be traced to source on Navigator.

Compliance Audit Reporting

Leverage Navigator’s Reporting Hub capabilities to seamlessly demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry standards.

We understand how important it is for firms to get comfortable quickly that they are compliant with their unique obligations. We have developed Navigator to support you. Using Navigator’s unique DocuLink capabilities you can digitally link activities and risks to relevant documents maintained in the platform’s repository. Reporting Hub transforms these digital links into information. Run compliance audit reports through the lens of any document to gain instant transparency of actual performance addressing regulations, agreements, SLAs and best-practice policies.

Leverage KPI’s and Management Information  

Use data insights across operations to enhance strategic decision-making and operational agility for optimal business performance.

At Nexus Assurance we understand the power of knowledge and the transformational impact it can have on decision-making, strategy, and innovation. That’s why we have designed Navigator’s dynamic Reporting Hub to support you with the tools and resources needed to turn data into intelligence. Analyse KPIs, trends and issues easily, with flexibility to track specific areas of focus and build reports tailored to your needs. Access fast and clear insights via PDF and Excel for better strategic decision-making and operational agility. Leverage Navigator as your go-to destination for comprehensive, reliable, and actionable insights.