Nexus Assurance FAQs

Explore our answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • Navigator is an innovative and flexible cloud-based digital control and governance platform, fully hosted by Nexus Assurance.

  • It is a digital control and governance platform which offers secure tailored solutions to support, simplify, and streamline operations for organisations right across the fund services industry. The platform’s Activity, Risk, Outsourcing and Reporting solutions are designed to help transform your governance and operational ecosystem.

  • Navigator’s suite of solutions are uniquely configurable so you have the flexibility to choose the right solutions for you.

  • Our no-code solution addresses implementation challenges by enabling non-technical resources to lead or support the implementation, effectively removing the bottleneck of leveraging specific technical resources.

  • Ensuring a seamless implementation process is crucial for all our clients. The Nexus Assurance team collaborate closely with each client to fully understand their requirements. Our dedicated project team oversees every aspect of the implementation process. By establishing clear milestones, and conducting both on-site and virtual meetings, our team makes sure the implementation is executed successfully.

  • It is a fully hosted service, so no infrastructure is required other than access to a modern web browser.

  • The only software required is a modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Clients of Nexus Assurance can access Navigator from any PC, laptop, and tablet via a secure link to the platform.

  • Navigator is designed with unparalleled configurability to adapt to the unique needs of any organisation. Its robust framework allows it to work seamlessly across multiple jurisdictions and entities, ensuring compliance regardless of geographical boundaries.

  • Yes. You can integrate with external data sources via APIs.

  • Yes. Navigator enhances collaboration with third parties by enabling discreet, protected activity sharing such as due diligence questionnaires, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

  • Nexus Assurance is ISO 27001:2013 certified, offering you peace of mind where your data is concerned. The security of your data is our priority in every stage of Navigator’s development, and maintaining best practice information security protections is an inherent part of what we do. We operate as a platform-as-a-service provider. That means we are responsible for hosting client data, but Nexus Assurance does not have access to your data, and our clients retain full responsibility for system user administration. All data is safeguarded through encryption.

  • Navigator ensures precise user identification through multi-factor authentication during login, and tailored user permissions ensure that each user can only access the information they are authorised to view.

  • Yes. The platform’s Document Repository is dedicated to the upload, filing and maintenance of all your documents, where they are stored for retrieval at any time.

  • Regulatory change is inevitable. Navigator is flexible so that it can move with your firm when you need to work in a different way. The system can adapt to changes without requiring significant modifications or overhauls, helping you stay current and minimise the risk of non-compliance.

  • Navigator will be the essential toolkit for any audit. With the ability to trace everything on the platform to source, Navigator delivers an auditable trail of all activities at the touch of a button, including the date and time of work completed across all departments and staff responsible.

  • Yes, we have a report engine on Navigator where users can elect to add/create their own reports based on defined report types for example, Audit Reports, Risk Reports, Issue Reports, Activity Reports. These can be defined by a user and named along with using a date picker for the period and selected to run in .PDF or .XLSX output.

  • Our team of experts deliver best-in-class support and training throughout our ongoing partnership with you, including regular check-ins for comprehensive updates and collaboration.