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Case Study

Revolutionising Fund Management Company Operations with Navigator, by Nexus Assurance


Fund Management Companies face the dual challenge of ensuring operational excellence and regulatory compliance across a spectrum of responsibilities, from fund set-up to delegate oversight. In a multi-jurisdictional landscape, the complexity of managing diverse regulatory requirements, coupled with the need to maintain a high standard of service delivery, places a significant burden on these firms. Navigator, a digital control and governance platform, emerges as a holistic solution, designed to streamline a broad range of management company responsibilities within a unified, efficient, and compliant framework.


  • Moving Past Non-Digital Limitations:
    Legacy workflow methods impede transparency and scalability in the evolving regulatory landscape.
  • Risk-Proofing: Evidence of Control:
    Demonstrating how controls mitigate specific risks is essential in risk governance.
  • Delegate Oversight and Outsourcing Under the Regulatory Lens:
    Intensified scrutiny requires application of elevated oversight standards for outsourced functions.
  • New Era of Personal Accountability:
    Local regulatory regimes are emphasising the need for clear evidence of individual managerial actions.
  • Complex Multi-Jurisdictional Operations:
    Navigating the regulatory and operational complexities of different jurisdictions poses a significant challenge for global Management Companies.

Proposed Solution: Navigator Implementation

Navigator, by Nexus Assurance, provides a comprehensive platform that supports the entire spectrum of management company responsibilities, with a particular emphasis on the critical area of delegate oversight as a key example of its capabilities:

  • Unified Multi-Jurisdictional Platform:
    Catering to the needs of multi-jurisdictional entities, Navigator centralises operations, compliance, and oversight activities, ensuring uniformity and efficiency across all regulated jurisdictions.
  • Comprehensive Oversight Capabilities:
    With delegate oversight as a pivotal example, the platform facilitates the management and monitoring of all delegated and internal responsibilities. It enables streamlined workflows for due diligence, ongoing monitoring, and regulatory reporting, thereby enhancing transparency and control.
  • Optimised and Integrated Workflows:
    The solution optimises and integrates processes across all areas of operation, from risk management to compliance reporting, reducing manual interventions and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Adaptive Compliance and Reporting Tools:
    Navigator’s dynamic compliance and reporting modules adapt to regulatory changes and client reporting requirements, ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination.

Why Choose Navigator?

  • Holistic Solution for Management Company Operations:
    Designed as a comprehensive platform, Navigator, by Nexus Assurance, addresses the full range of management company responsibilities, offering tailored solutions for each operational aspect, including but not limited to delegate oversight.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Adaptability:
    The platform’s design inherently supports multi-jurisdictional operations, providing a coherent structure to manage and monitor compliance and operational activities across different regulatory landscapes.
  • Efficiency and Compliance Assurance:
    By automating and integrating key processes, Navigator not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures adherence to the highest standards of regulatory compliance.
  • Strategic Partnership and Support:
    Beyond offering a technological solution, Nexus Assurance establishes a partnership with clients, providing ongoing support, valuable insights, and regulatory updates, all aimed at ensuring success and adaptability over the long term.


Navigator, by Nexus Assurance, stands out as a strategic enabler for Management Companies, offering a robust and integrated platform that supports the full spectrum of management responsibilities, with delegate oversight highlighted as a critical functionality. Its capacity to cater to multi-jurisdictional entities and streamline complex operations positions Management Companies to achieve operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and enhanced service delivery in the competitive global fund industry.